DwK Holidays at Disneyland Resort

It’s the Happiest Holidays on Earth, and we covered it for our readers and group members. The Disneyland with Kids co-founders were excited to attend the media event at Disneyland Resort for the Holidays.¬† Below you will find some stats about our visit and coverage.

Holiday Event Facebook Lives

The co-founders of Disneyland with Kids are known for their hotel room tours and in-park Facebook live streams. During our week-long event at the parks (November 12-18, 2018) the four co-founders live streamed 15 times, including  5 hotel room tours. How did our members respond to our broadcasts? Like crazy!

Our Facebook lives had a combined view count of 13,987 (to date) with many lives having over 1,000 views. On-site live streams grab the attention of our members and sparks the most conversation, shares and engagement within the group. You can view our live videos within the Disneyland with Kids Facebook group here.

We continue to see views and comments on our lives, even weeks after they have been published. We take pride in coming back and trying to make sure every member’s questions are answered on our lives. We want our members to be excited about their vacations and feel confident that they are armed with the knowledge they need to experience all of the magic.

Holiday Event Blog Posts

You can bet that all of our co-founders returned from the event with plenty to write about. Below you will find links to all of our blog posts:

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Becca did a Churro Challenge Video and posted it to her YouTube Channel

Holiday Churro Challenge

Social Media Coverage

Our co-founders blew up social media during our time at Disneyland. We created a special hashtag so we could track our coverage for you. #DwKHolidays was used on all social media but tracked on Twitter and Instagram. (Note: Hashtracking does not track Instagram Stories)


Instagram Posts


Instagram Stories

Here is a break down of Instagram Stories for the four accounts of the co-founders

We were proud to cover Holidays at Disneyland Resort as our first Disneyland with Kids media event. We expect excitement and impact to grow as we continue team coverage in 2019.