Disneyland Tips From A Mom of Two (Kayla’s Trip Report)

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If you are heading to Disneyland, you might be wondering what to expect, where to stay, and how to plan for the trip. While listening to Disneyland experts is a great start, sometimes you want to hear from someone just like you. Someone that goes to the parks, but doesn’t study them constantly. What do they wish they had known? What did they love? Today, we talk with Kayla about just this.

Kayla, a moderator in the Disneyland with Kids group, is sharing her recent trip. While Kayla has visited in the past, this was her first trip as a family of four, and her first trip back since the reopening of Disneyland Park. She has a lot of great tips and reminders for those planning their vacation.

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Tips for Disneyland with Kids Every Parent Should Hear

On today’s podcast, Becca from This Crazy Adventure Called Life interviews Kayla, one of the moderators of the Disneyland with Kids Facebook Group about her recent vacation at Disneyland. Kayla drops some great tips for those planning a vacation.

Kayla is the mom of 2, with a 7-year-old and almost-3-year-old. She recently took her first vacation since the reopening of Disneyland, and the first time with both of her kids. She talks about where she chose to stay, how many days she went to Disneyland, what she wished she had known, and what she loved that surprised her.

In This Episode Of Disneyland with Kids Podcast

In this episode we cover: 

  • Kayla’s experience rebooking her trip
  • Why she chose to switch hotels last minute
  • Would she stay at this hotel again
  • Walking to the park, versus taking the ART
  • What she wish she had known before this trip
  • Why she was a bit disappointed about the food
  • How Kayla scored her dining reservations (hint: Mouse Dining)
  • What surprised Kayla about this trip
  • How many days did Kayla go, and was it the right amount of days
  • Kayla’s tip for parents planning a Disneyland vacation

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