All Disney Junior’s Halloween Episodes on Disney Plus

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All Disney Junior’s Halloween Episodes on Disney Plus, because those Halloween movies for kids list might be a little too mature for your little ones. If your preschooler and younger kids love Disney Junior, they’re going to love these Halloween Episodes on Disney Plus.



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It’s the spookiest time of year! But that doesn’t mean it needs to be scary. Help little ones participate in fall festivities and with all of Disney Junior’s Halloween episodes on Disney Plus right here.

Doc McStuffins Halloween Shows on Disney Plus

Doc McStuffins is a young girl who wants to be a doctor just like her mom! She practices with broken toys and stuffed animals. These Doc McStuffins Halloween episodes are perfect for preschoolers. 

  • Boo-Hoo to You! / It’s Glow Time. Doc helps her friends Sebastian and Glo-Bo in Season 1, episode 23.
  • Hallie Halloween / Don’t Fence Me In. Trick-or-treat—Doc and the toys try to catch marbles in Season 3, Episode 11.

Elena of Avalor Halloween Episodes on Disney Plus

Princess Elena is the new princess of Avalor. She’s learning her new role with lessons on resilience and compassion. And some of that also has to do with the Halloween season.



  • A Day to Remember. Elena discovers she has ability to see ghosts. Season 1, episode 9.
  • The jewel of Maru. Elena guards a precious jewel on the day of the dead. Season 2, episode 1.

Handy Manny Halloween Episodes on Disney Plus

The neighborhood handyman Manny Garcia and his talking tools repairs and fix problems all over Sheetrock Hills. These Handy Manny Halloween shows are perfect for your DIY-littles. 

  • Halloween / Squeeze’s Magic Show. Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos. Season 1, episode 23. 
  • Fun and Games / Autumn Leaves. Felipe gets a video game. Leaf cleanup help. Season 2, episode 29. 
  • A Job From Outer Space / Sounds Like Halloween. Visitor from outer space. Halloween house set up. Season 3, episode 31.

Henry Hugglemonster Halloween Shows on Disney Plus

The entire theme of the show is on monsters so if your preschooler love Halloween all year long, put this on your watchlist. However, there’s a couple that are definitely Halloween time. 

  • Huggleween Moon. Henry blasts the Hugglemonster house into outer space. Season 2, episode 15.

Jake & the Neverland Pirates Halloween Episodes on Disney Plus

Pirates galore, many episodes have a Halloween vibe to them. Here are favorite Halloween themed episodes. Plus, book a stay at this pirate themed water park hotel across the street from Disneyland here


Howard Johnson Waterpark


  • Night of the Golden Pumpkin / Trick or Treasure. Jake set off for the pirate pumpkin patch to find the golden pumpkin. Season 1, episode 22.
  • Tricks, Treats and Treasures / Season of the Sea Witch. Captain Hook joins Jake and crew as a trigger treasure on Neverland. Season 2, episode 15.
  • Stowaway Ghost / Happy 1000th  Birthday.  It’s the pirate mummy’s birthday and hook find ghosts. Season 3, episode 29.

Little Einsteins Halloween Shows on Disney Plus

This song will get stuck in your head in no time. If your kids haven’t seen this Disney Junior classic, Halloween season is a great time to start. 

  • A little Einsteins Halloween. It’s Halloween in the team and rocket are going trick-or-treating. Season 1, episode 11.


Mickey and the Roadster Racers Halloween Episodes on Disney Plus

Mickey and the Roadster Racers star in California Adventure’s Disney Junior Dance Party on regular days in the park but you can also see them on Disney+. 



  • The Haunted Hot Rod / Pete’s Ghostly Gala. Mickey wants to meet a ghost Pete’s Halloween party season one episode 20.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Halloween Episodes on Disney Plus

Mickey Mouse clubhouse is a staple on any Disney Junior playlist. See what Mickey and his friends are up to during Halloween time in these episodes.

  • Mickey’s treats the sensational six must get to the trick-or-treat tower for the big party season one episode 17.
  • Minis masquerade the clubhouse pals are excited to dress up in their favorite costumes season three episode 35 no 19
  • Mickey’s monster musical part one and two Mickey and Minnie meet Count Mikula in and old castle. The gang investigates a strange noise inside the castle season five episode seven and eight.

You could even turn this playlist into your preschooler’s very own Disney Halloween Party with tips on hosting a Preschool Disney Party on a budget here

Minnie’s Bow Toons Halloween Shows on Disney Plus

Minnie Mouse is a favorite in our house. We especially love seeing her dress up for Halloween Time at Disneyland. If you’re looking for the Halloween episodes of Minnie’s Bow Toons it’s right here.

  • Tricky Treats. Minnie’s famous “Sticky Tricky Treats” get ruined. Season 3, episode 1.

Muppet Babies Halloween Shows on Disney Plus

Muppets just keep on giving. They’re a classic for any age—and at any age! Put this one on for happy Halloween haunts.

  • Happy Hallowocka / The Teeth-Chattering Tale of the Haunted Pancake. Fozzie  tries to be spooky Summers Halloween story. Season 1, episode 15. 

Speaking of Halloween Time, it’s so hard to narrow down the perfect costume. Here’s a list that’s sure to help you get Halloween costume ideas that you can put together today!

Puppy Dog Pals Halloween Shows on Disney Plus

Two adorable pug puppies, brothers Bingo and Rolly, have non-stop adventures and this includes Halloween Time!

  • Return to the Pumpkin Patch / Haunted Howl-oween. The pugs go to the pumpkin patch and look for a costume season 1, episode 17.

Vampirina Halloween Episodes on Disney Plus

Vee is a vampire girl and the new kid in town when her family moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. This is another series with a heavy focus on Halloween-esque themes so if your kids love Halloween all year long, put this on your must-watch list.

  • Hauntleyween/ Frankenflower. It’s Halloween! Vee participates in an inventor fair. Season 1, episode 24.
  • Trick or treaters / Play It Again Vee. Vee goes trick-or-treating.  A spell is cast. Season 2, episode 15.
  • Jumpin Jack-o’-lanterns / Freeze our Guest. Vee grows an oversized pumpkin. Oxana starts a storm. Season 2, episode 16.



Want to learn more about Halloween Time at Disneyland? Disney Junior gets it own show at Disneyland Resort’s Oogie Boogie Bash, an exclusive after hours event hosted at California Adventure Park. Plus 15 more tips for your night at Oogie Boogie Bash here

Are there any Disney Junior Halloween episodes we missed on Disney+? There’s always new things added to Disney+ and we’d love to keep this list up-to-date. Help us keep it current by putting additional shows in the comments below.

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