Is Disney Genie Magic at Disneyland?

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Disneyland has released the Genie! Touted as the “next generation, new and improved, MaxPass” Disney Genie isn’t a complete success. Our experts weigh in on what they liked about the Genie, what parts are in need of improvement, and if it is worth the paid upgrades. 

On December 8, 2021, Disneyland released it’s new service to help guests tour the parks more efficiently, skip the standby lines, and save time at Disneyland. While the first day was met with technical difficulties, by December 10th, the system was running pretty smooth.

Disney's Genie, Jasmine and Aladin Characters standing together in Disneyland.

Our two experts and co-hosts were in the park December 10 – 11, 2021 to test it out, and they are sharing what they liked, some helpful tips, and ways they think the system needs to be improved. Plus, how many rides did they really get done utilizing Disney Genie+?

Everything To Know About Disney Genie+

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In this episode of the podcast, we cover our experiences utilizing Disney Genie, Genie+, and Individual Lightning Lane at Disneyland Resort. Before listening to this episode, you may want to check out our Disney Genie Preview, which gives a general overview of the system before it was released.

Did you know that you can pre-purchase Disney Genie+ on your park ticket? Not only that but you can still save money when you use our link and special discounts through our ticket partners at Get Away Today.

Not sure if you want to commit to Genie+ yet? We cover this in our podcast today.

In This Episode: Disney Genie at Disneyland Resort – Real World Test

In this episode, Becca, from This Crazy Adventure Called Life, and Leslie, from Trips with Tykes, talk about their experiences utilizing Disney Genie, Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes at Disneyland Resort.

Two Disney adults in a selfie at Disneyland before rope drop. One is wearing a pair of Aladdin inspired Minnie ears, with Magic Carpet between the ears in place of a bow. Both smiling and look excited for their day.

Both of us were in the parks, using these services, but with different touring styles, so that we could report back to you about how it worked out in different touring scenarios.

In this episode we cover:

  • A brief recap of Disney Genie, Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes (for more details be sure to check out the preview episode)
  • What strategy we planned to use for our days in the parks
  • Our thoughts with the Disney Genie interface within the Disneyland App
  • Is Disney Genie (the free tool) as worthless as social media says
  • Problems Disney needs to fix on the Disney Genie interface
  • Becca’s biggest pet peeve about the system – seriously, this is an easy fix Disney
  • Paid Disney Genie+ to access Lightning Lanes
  • Can you ride all Genie+ rides in one day
  • How to utilize this with families
  • Our strategies and tips for making the most out of Genie+
  • A secret hack to get multi-experience passes
  • The issue with rides breaking down (though it does seem other people are saying this issue is now under control this week)
  • Individual Lightning Lanes – Are they worth the cost
  • What FREE option might be a better bet on some rides
  • The Debate: Becca and Leslie discuss if Genie+ is worth the extra cost
  • Our final ride count using the system

Not going to lie, this episode is a long one and covers a TON of information so you may want to download it to your device for easy access again and again.

The real test of Genie+ will be over the holiday break, and you can bet we will be keeping an eye on it, and Jessica will be in park to test it out, so we will update you when we come back in January.

Which, this is the last episode until after the New Year, so have a wonderful holiday season and we will see you in 2022!

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