Could Disneyland Do A Partial Reopening? (S2 Ep7)

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As Disneyland’s closure surpasses the 7-month mark, with no end in sight, some are beginning to wonder if there is any way that Disneyland could reopen, at least partially. Learn what other Southern California Theme Parks are doing to let guests in their gates, and what we would love to see Disneyland do.

Could Disneyland Do A Partial Reopening?

Today we are discussing some creative ways that Theme Parks have been able to open their gates, even though the rides are not operating. We also talk about past rumored guidelines, how Disneyland could reopen the gate, safety protocols and more.

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In this Episode

In this episode,  Julie, from Mom Rewritten, and Becca, from This Crazy Adventure Called Life, are talking about the creative ways California Theme Parks have been able to reopen their gates, and what Disneyland could possibly do to reopen parts of their parks.

A quick note, this episode was recorded the morning of October 19, 2020, and Theme Park guidelines were released October 20, 2020. To keep up on the news for Theme Parks Reopening, be sure to join the Disneyland with Kids Group on Facebook.

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How Theme Parks – Including Disneyland – Could (And Are) Partially Reopen

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Which Theme Parks in Southern California have partially reopened
  • Theme Park health and safety protocols
  • How SeaWorld is partially reopen
  • How LEGOLAND is Partially Reopen
  • Knott’s Berry Farm started it all
  • What Downtown Disney is doing
  • What creative ways we think Disneyland could reopen partially

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