Advertise in Disneyland with Kids

Disneyland with Kids is a popular Facebook group for those who are planning family vacations to Disneyland Resort, or who just love Disneyland.

Founded in May 2017, the Disneyland with Kids group currently has over 10,000 members, and gains approximately 750 new members each month. But our members don’t just join and then go silent. Disneyland with Kids has over 35,000 engagements per month. That means we have an active community of Disney lovers looking to make their vacations extra magical.

Why Advertise In Disneyland with Kids?

Photo credit: Pixabay

If you have tried increasing your sales via a Facebook page you have probably realized that the reach of pages has been dramatically cut in recent years. Facebook has announced that they are turning the focus to friends, family, and…. GROUPS!

Seriously, post or comment in a group you are a member of, then come back to Facebook and see what shows up in your news feed. Posts from the group you were just active in.

Posts in groups get seen.

But you just don’t want to go to any old group and advertise. You want a group that will be interested in your product. Disneyland with Kids is a great group for those who offer Disney and/or travel related products. Think about it… an audience of over 10,000 people, who are already interested in the products you offer, and Facebook promotes interaction in that group by putting the posts in their home feed.

Since our group was founded, there has been a strict no-spam policy in place. Members are not allowed to link to Etsy shops or other businesses. However, we often get questions of where to find products for vacation such as unique ears, shirts, and travel products. With our no spam policy, you know that you will not have to compete during your sponsorship with hundreds of other businesses*.

Advertising Packages for Disneyland with Kids

Like we just mentioned, Disneyland with Kids has a strict no spam policy. Part of this is because we do not want our group members to feel like the only thing they get from our group is sales pitch after sales pitch. In fact, it is why it has taken us over a year to open up our group to sponsorships, while we fine tune a package that is beneficial for our members, and your shop.

Photo credit: Pixabay

In order to keep our group a beneficial place for our members, as well as benefit those who wish to advertise within our group, all business/shops will need to be reviewed by the founders/admins of Disneyland with Kids. If we don’t like it, we won’t advertise it. If we feel your shop/business is a good fit for our group the following package(s) are available. (Prices subject to change.)

One Week Sponsorship – $35, Plus Discount Code for Group Members

A one week sponsorhip is $35 plus must include a small discount code for our group members. The discount could be a percentage, dollar, or shipping discount. We ask that the discount be a minimum of 5% (or dollar equivalant).

A one week sponsorship in the Disneyland with Kids Facebook Group will include the following:

  • Promotion added to the pinned post for the week
  • Second post via admin with a photo of product, link to store
  • Second post will be bumped with product photos, GIFs, comments, etc through out the week
  • Call to action within the second post, asking our group members to check out the shop
  • Option to add-on a live sponsorship for product only ($15 discount)

~Ask us how you can get $10 off your one week sponsorship

~If you are unable to provide a discount code, but still wish to advertise, please contact [email protected]

Group Live Sponsorship – $15 Plus Product

Admins try to do a few lives per month in the Disneyland with Kids group when we are not in the parks. During park visits, we often go live once per day. Our lives tend to get thouasands of views, either live or via replay, within the group.

Our lives usually include us answering any Disneyland related questions, discussing tips, and more. The live will not be a commercial for your product, as we feel that would not interest our groups. Instead, we will simply highlight your product through out the sponsored live in an authentic manner.

A live sponsorship is a great way to get your product seen, and let the admins highlight your product visually, and answer questions that may arise from it. In order to provide a live sponsorship, we ask that the admin doing the live be shipped a product in advance, to have time to fully review the product and give their 100% honest opinion.  There is also a $15 charge for live sponsorships.

A live sponsorship in the Disneyland with Kids Facebook Group will include the following:

  • Shoutouts through out the live
  • When applicable- wearing of the product (ears, shirts, etc)
  • Link posted in comments during live or after conclusion of live
  • You may send a second product for a giveaway at no extra charge
  • $15 upcharge to have your product featured during an in-park live

A Few More Details About Sponsorships

A few more nitty, gritty details about sponsorships in the Disneyland with Kids Facebook group.

At this time we are not looking for Travel Agents to sponsor our group. We are excited to partner with Get Away Today to offer discount packages to our group members.

*Purchasing a sponsorship package will not exclude our members from mentioning competitors, however, with our strict no-spam policy, they will not be able to link or tag your competitors.

All sponsorships will be disclosed as paid sponsorships per FTC guidelines.

There are no refunds on sponsorships. Sponsorship fees may be paid using PayPal.

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