Take a Break From Disneyland at These SoCal Destionations (S2 Ep3)

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We hate to say it but there is a lot more to do in Southern California than just Disneyland. From other Theme Parks (like one with a wizard) to beaches, zoos and beyond, you can find a lot to do when you need a break from Disneyland. In this episode of the podcast we are talking about things to do in Southern California on a non-Disneyland day. After listening to this, we really think you will want to add some of these attractions on to your Disneyland vacation.

Things to do in Southern California with Kids Besides Disneyland

There are a lot of things to do in Southern California with kids during your Disneyland vacation. Whether you take a break mid-week to relax at the beach, or just head to dinner and a show, there are plenty of options besides Disneyland.

Be sure to check out this episode when planning your vacation and how many days you want to spend in Southern California. We even spill some of our secret beaches that are rarely crowded.

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In this Episode

In this Episode, Becca from This Crazy Adventure Called Life, and Julie from Mom Rewritten are talking about ways to take a break from Disneyland and enjoy some other Southern California Attractions.

It is hard to believe we are suggesting it, but yes, there are other things to do in Southern California. Julie is a SoCal native and Becca makes sure to explore other attractions nearly every single visit, so today they are breaking down some of their favorites for you. From other theme parks to beaches, museums to dinner shows, what is worth checking out while you are at Disneyland with Kids for a break from the Disney bubble.

Between the two of them, they have visited dozens of beaches and can tell you the best beaches in San Diego area, or the closest beaches to Disneyland, while telling you the pros and cons of each location.

Of course, there are other theme parks, zoos and attractions you may want to visit and purchase tickets to for your vacation. 

Buying Tickets to other attractions

Did you know that many other locations also sell tickets through our preferred partner Get Away Today? From discount tickets to other locations, and creating custom bundles, Get Away Today is happy to help add on other attractions to your Disneyland vacation. 

Other Attractions to Add On To Your Disneyland Vacation

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Other theme parks and which age groups they are best for (Knott’s Berry Farm with toddlers? We weigh in!)
  • Beaches in San Diego and Orange County (including one Becca almost didn’t want to share because it is never busy)
  • The parking situation at the beaches and which ones have the best parking
  • Zoos, specifically the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Spoiler: They are not located next to each other)
  • Museums, Aquariums, and more
  • What kids will love about these locations
  • Pirate’s Dinner Adventure (and the blue pirate fandom!)
  • Medieval Times 
  • Plus, find out if we would pick Pirate’s Dinner Adventure or Medieval Times in this episode’s Would You Rather

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